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Pulsar is a powerful, blazing fast runtime security observability framework designed for the IoT.


Runtime security for the IoT

Pulsar is a highly modular, event-based runtime security framework. Designed for IoT and edge computing, Pulsar is optimized for performance, runtime cost, and edge security.

Blazing Fast.

Pulsar's core architecture is written entirely in Rust, a modern and secure language that allows for extreme performance even in constrained environments.

Highly Modular.

Pulsar modular design makes it easy to adapt the core architecture to diverse use cases. You can create and load modules that collect the events you need and customize all the security policies you want to enforce.

Powered by eBPF.

Pulsar uses the latest eBPF technology to trace and collect system activity information directly from the kernel. eBPF is safer and faster than legacy solutions built on kernel modules, and requires no kernel patching.

Pulsar functionalities

Track filesystem activity and block access to files with path based rules.

Monitor all network related events, and scan for suspicious connections.

Detect any process execution and behavior changes.

Write your own security policies easily in a human readable format.

Supporting anything around you.

With support for RISC-V, Arm and x86 architectures, Pulsar runs on pretty much any eBPF-enabled Linux system, securing in the same way embedded devices, containers and servers.

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